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Schedule Your Appointment Today!

The Process

Give Us A Call---We Will Work With Your Schedule And Pre-Existing Design Ideas. Generally, Our Process Works As Follows:
  • Review all ideas.
  • Suggest options
  • Create sketches
  • Provide plans that include furniture, beds, tables, closets, cabinets, kitchen appliances, electrical lighting and exterior fixtures ( Floor Plans 1 with dimensions ).

When We Get Close, We Provide:
  1. Plot Plan including elevations and sloping topography ( Plot Plan )
  2. Floor Plans with dimensions ( Floor Plans with dimensions )
  3. External Elevation Drawings/Renderings ( Elevation )
  4. Internal Camera Views of all rooms ( Internal )

When Preliminary Reviews Are Completed, We Provide Final Drawings Of The Above 4 Preliminary Drawings Plus:
  1. Construction drawings with dimensions by floor ( 1st Floor ) ( Basement )
  2. Stud layout ( Stud )
  3. Cross sections of all critical elevations ( Cross )
  4. Building drawings using a Framing Detail, if so desired ( Frame Detail )
  5. Details drawings of critical structural elements ( Construction Details )

*The plans will be designed according to New York or Pennsylvania State Codes and will be ready for Permit Approval and Construction.